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3 year plan

Year 1 (2015-2016)

¨ Build housing for goats, guinea pigs, chickens and Shetland pony

¨ Fencing for field area

¨ Hatch chickens from eggs

¨ Settle in goats and guinea pigs

¨ Establish routine for caring for animals.


Year 2 (2016-2017)

¨ Get children to take over caring for the animals

¨ TA to have afternoons free to take groups/classes over to the farm to work linked to curriculum

¨ Caretaker released a few hours every afternoon to do projects.

¨ Building of raised beds for vegetables

¨ Planting and cultivation of vegetables

¨ Using vegetables in cooking (With TA in afternoon)

¨ Shetland pony to be loaned as a trial

¨ Get quotes for work on bus

¨ Carry out work on bus

¨ Build interactive enclosure for children to be able to interact with guinea pigs

¨ Afterschool clubs using farm


Year 3 (2017-2018)

¨ Full time adult employed

¨ Develop curriculum around the farm, each year group will have a half term to use the farm as their theme

¨ Each class must have a lesson a week outside

¨ Farm opened up to other organisations to generate income

¨ Den building area

¨ Camp fire cooking

¨ Willow classroom.

¨ Expand vegetable growing and cooking, jams etc

¨ Bugs houses/hunts