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Peterhouse follows the National Primary Curriculum (2014). We use a combination of programmes to support, enhance and track learning, including:


  • International Primary Curriculum
  • Read Write, Inc
  • Accelerated Reader
  • Singapore Maths (Maths No Problem)


English and maths is taught discretely, with a variety of opportunities throughout the curriculum for children to apply the skills that they have been taught. The majority of the remaining subjects are addressed through cross-curricular topics.


Primary National Curriculum

As well as teaching the core knowledge and topics as set out in the National Curriculum, we focus on a progression of skills in each year group. Children will be encouraged to develop key skills in order to further their own learning and understanding. Your child will look at a number of big questions through the year and, together with the class, design a learning journey that will lead them to the answers.

We do recognise that not all subjects can be taught in this way and regularly teach discreet lessons for a number of subjects. English and Maths are taught separately to ensure that there is sufficient focus in all year groups. Science will be taught separately unless there is a clear topic link.


Each class teacher delivers English and Maths in daily, whole class sessions. These sessions cater for the variety of needs within the class. All classes have access to a teaching assistant during these sessions, who can be used to support lower attaining children and push the higher attainers.


During this academic year we will be working hard on a brand new curriculum for September. We will keep you updated as we go and let you know how you can help at home.


The documents below set out the topics and skills taught in each year group:

If you have any other questions about the curriculum at Peterhouse please either speak to your child's class teacher or the front office.