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At Peterhouse Church of England Primary academy, we like to work closely with parents, guardians and the local community to ensure that each and every child is provided with everything they need to succeed in class. If you feel there are any issues we should be made aware of, or there is anything you would like to discuss with us, please do not hesitate to contact the school office and book an appointment with an appropriate member of staff.

November 2016 Survey Results


The Academy lets me know what my child is learning about.

Strongly Agree - 37%

Agree - 49%

Disagree - 10%

Strongly Disagree - 2%

Don't Know - 2%


My child's class teacher lets me know how I can help my child at home with English and Maths.

Strongly Agree - 18%

Agree - 63%

Disagree - 14%

Strongly Disagree - 2%

Don't Know - 3%


My child's class teacher lets me know what I can do to support my child's latest topic work.

Strongly Agree - 18%

Agree - 58%

Disagree - 19%

Strongly Disagree - 2%

Don't Know - 3%

October 2016 Survey Results


My child makes good progress

Strongly Agree - 67%

Agree - 32%

Disagree - 0%

Strongly Disagree - 0%

Don't Know - 1%


My child is happy at school

Strongly Agree - 78%

Agree - 20%

Disagree - 2%

Strongly Disagree - 0%

Don't Know - 0%


The school responds well to my concerns

Strongly Agree - 60%

Agree - 34%

Disagree - 0%

Strongly Disagree - 0%

Don't Know - 6%

Previous Feedback 




You told us that there was too much congestion at the entrance to the Academy premises from Magdalen Square.

We added a double gate, thereby widening the entrance and stopping the congestion.

You told us that the parking by parents outside the school in the mornings and evenings was chaotic and would lead to a child being injured.

We commissioned a Traffic Survey by Norfolk County Council who made a number of recommendations regarding one-way system, bollards and speed humps. No Council funding was available to undertake these works.

We sought the help of the local police who sent us Community Officers for a time, to move drivers on.

We have written to parents on a regular basis to ask them to park appropriately.

We have produced child created banners to ask parents to park correctly.


You told us that parents wanted to have access to see the farm animals.

We have put in place a timetable of parental visits for each class.

You told us that there were not enough after school activities, other than sport.

We introduced Bushcraft, String Club, First Aid and Choir