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Our Vision

Our vision for ‘The Ark’ is to improve the standards across the school. We aim to improve our standards by:

¨ Enjoyment of lessons

¨ Connection to nature

¨ Social skills

¨ Engagement with learning

¨ Health and wellbeing

¨ Behaviour support

¨ Nurture

¨ Children having new experiences

All these things play a pivotal roll in improving the outcomes for children.


The following diagram shows the benefits outdoor learning has in raising attainment in school. (Natural Connections Demonstration Project, 2012- 2016: Final Report )

Picture 1

There are two distinct parts to ‘The Ark’ project. There is the area we are calling the farm which houses the animals and will incorporate vegetable growing. The other area is the bus, which we see as being used as an outdoor classroom for group work or whole class teaching.