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Activities for Friday 27th March 2020


Well done for writing your story yesterday! How did it turn out? 


Today is the day we publish!


First, read your story out loud. Make any fixes you need to. Check for capitals and full stops. Have you correctly spelled all the words you can?


Choose how you are going to publish:

  • On a clean sheet of paper?
  • In a folded paper booklet?


Carefully, write your story out. Remember, mistakes make it look messy. Keep it as neat as you can. 


Use your drawing skills to create a front cover, including the name of your story, author (you) and illustrator's name (also you!).




Today, we focus on verbs! Play a game of Simon Says with the people in your family. Remember, verbs are doing and being words. Here's one of our favourite songs to remind you.


Today's topic is adding. 

Think about the different strategies we have used when adding and choose which one you would like to use. You might use tens and ones, a number line or objects to count. 

See below an activity you could do using your tens and ones.


Column addition of 2-digit numbers

Make your own tens and ones using straws, tooth pics, pencils (or anything else you can think of which you can make into bundles of ten). Hopefully you kept these from the other day.

Use them to have a go at adding 2 2-digit numbers and to understand what happens when your 2 digits add to 10 or more.

Link to column addition of 2-digit numbers video below.


Column addition / Compact method using concrete resources

Learn how to use straws to help you understand compact method of column addition, first without carrying, then with carrying. You can use lots of other thing...

You may choose use the mad maths minutes sheet (attached below) to practice your adding. You may choose to use column method, number line or objects.



Learn the Penguin Dance at this link



Golden Time:

On Fridays we sometimes have Golden Time. Pupils use this time to complete any work they need to finish. If all their work is done, they can choose something fun to do. Sometimes they do a puzzle or play a game. Sometimes they build dens (this is a favourite!). Sometimes they have tablet-time and sometimes they draw and colour.

Challenges (5)

Each day we will upload two challenges.

Answers for each challenge will be uploaded the following day.


Answers for Thursday 26th:

Word Scramble: the word was whole. 

Maths Challenge: the missing number was 4.


Friday's Challenges:

Word Scramble: 


Maths Challenge:



This week:

  • Class 2A ( Key Stage 1 ) - 98.9
  • Class 5B (KS2) - 99.6
  • School Total - 96.8

Previous week:

  • 2a - 98
  • Class 3A (KS2) - 98
  • School Total - 93.4
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