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Activities for Monday 11th May 2020





Today's topic: Add and subtract 2-digit and 1-digit numbers

Follow the link for today's lesson:


Think about what method you are going to use. Maybe you will use the column method or draw out your tens and ones. 

See below for an alternative activity if you have issues with the others :) 






Topic - Castles!


Can you design your own castle?

Think about what you would like your castle to look like. Make a plan of what it is going to look like.

You could:

  • Draw your castle on a piece of paper.
  • Make your castle out of lego.
  • Make your castle out of recycled materials.
  • make your castle out of playdough. 


Below you will find some useful links to help you design and make your castle.

How To Make A Cardboard Castle

How to make your own cardboard play castle

How to Build a LEGO Castle Wall (Interlocking technique)

DIY - Clan Castle | Lego Mega Block Building Ideas

Lego block building games is that, where many blocks comes in a various shape to make something new, attractive structure. In a early stage of your kids bloc...


Answers for Thursday 7th May


Word Scramble: the word was door.

Maths Challenge: 

Find 1/4 of 40 = 10

Find 1/2 of 24 = 12

Find 1/3 of 36 = 12


Monday Challenges:

Word Scramble: 


Maths Challenge:


This week:

  • Class 2A ( Key Stage 1 ) - 98.9
  • Class 5B (KS2) - 99.6
  • School Total - 96.8

Previous week:

  • 2a - 98
  • Class 3A (KS2) - 98
  • School Total - 93.4
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