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Activities for Thursday 26th March 2020


Topic for today is finding 10 more and 10 less of a number. Remind yourself what happens when we add and subtract 10: our ones always stay the same.


You could use your tens and ones you may have made the other day to do this or see if you can make up a game. 


Below you will find a game you can play and a worksheet you can have a look at (don't worry you don't need to print it out, just as long as you can see it you'll be just fine!) 


Have a watch of the song below to help you. 

10 More, 10 Less | Math Song for Kids | Adding & Subtracting by 10 | Jack Hartmann

10 more, 10 less gives strategies for mentally finding 10 more or less than a two digit number without having to count or explain the reasoning used. Adding ...


If you have the materials, why not try to make one of these cute penguins? Or one from Pinterest



We learned about the Great Fire of London in Autumn Term. Here are some questions to see what you remember? If you don’t remember, maybe you can do some research to find out.


1. What year did the Great Fire of London happen?



2. Where did the fire start?

Probably in a bakery in Pudding Lane


3. Who kept a diary of the things that happened during the fire? (HINT: he also buried his cheese collection!)

Samuel Pepys


4. Why did the fire spread so quickly?

Houses were made of wood and had thatched roofs (rooves). They were also built very close together.


5. What was the name of the Cathedral that burned down?

St Paul’s Cathedral


6. What changes were made to keep people safe after the fire?

Houses were rebuilt a bit further apart. They used materials that were a bit more fireproof. Fire brigades were started.

Challenges (4)

Each day we will upload two challenges.

Answers for each challenge will be uploaded the following day.


Answers for Wednesday 25th:

Word Scramble: the word was move.

Maths Challenge: some answers you could have got to make the number 30.

10 +20, 3 X 10, 30 + 0, 25 + 5, 40 - 10, 45 - 15, 24 + 6, 60 ÷ 2, 


Thursdays Challenges:

Word Scramble:


Maths Challenge:



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