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Activities for Tuesday 12th May 2020






Adding and Subtracting


Follow the link to today's lesson:


Today's lesson has a slide show and 3 activities to choose from. The last one is a game. 

If you have any issues with the activities, one has been attached below. 




Topic - Castles:




Activity one: Sound effects - Read the castle poem together and add sound effects. Could you write your own and think about which instruments would best produce the sound effects? (see link below for poem)


Activity two: Sing ‘The Grand Old Duke of York’ together. Accompany singing with marching actions and musical percussion to keep in time with the beat of the music. (see link below for song)

The Grand Old Duke Of York | Nursery Rhyme Song

The Grand Old Duke Of York - a fun nursery rhyme song for children. The Grand Old Duke Of York marches his ten thousand men up to the top of the hill and dow...


Answers for Monday 11th May

Word Scramble: the word was eye.

Maths Challenge: 

45 divided by 5 jars is 9.


Monday Challenges:

Word Scramble: 


Maths Challenge:


10p + 5p + 2p + 10p = 



This week:

  • Class 2A ( Key Stage 1 ) - 98.9
  • Class 5B (KS2) - 99.6
  • School Total - 96.8

Previous week:

  • 2a - 98
  • Class 3A (KS2) - 98
  • School Total - 93.4
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