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Activities for Tuesday 24th March 2020

Please don't feel like you must get all of these activities done. We aimed to give you a selection. There might be days that you don't do any of it as you have much more interesting things going on. The idea is that we keep our children's minds busy and sharp while riding out this strange period of time. smiley


Yesterday you created a character for your story. 


Today, we are going to think about a few other things for our story. Write some notes on some paper and keep it safe with yesterday's picture.


  • What sort of story will it be? Mystery, scary, adventure, crime or other.
  • Which other characters will be in your story. Maybe some friends for your main character? Who will be the bad guy?
  • Also, where is your story going to be set? At school, in a supermarket, a forest, on a snowy mountain or other?


Key focus for today is Number Bonds to 10 and 20.

Videos to watch:


Activity 1: 

Practice your number bonds to 10 by playing the Total of 10 or the ‘Make 10’ pyramid card game.

Links below on how to play the games. Instead of using playing cards you could make your own cards to use. 

Maths card game - Total of 10

Set out 20 cards face up on the table (with picture cards removed). The first player takes 2 or more cards off the table which have a total of 10. The aim of...

Make 10 pyramid card game

The aim of the game is to clear all the cards from the table by making pairs which total 10. Only cards which are completely uncovered can be paired together...

Activity 2: 

Could you make a poster to show your number bonds to 10 and 20. 

See an example below:


Yesterday you did some research in to penguins and learned to draw one. Some of you even watched a documentary about them!


Today you can make an information booklet about penguins. Draw a penguin on the front cover and use the headings and info from yesterday to decide what to put on each page. The instructions for folding your own book are below:



Today, your task is to draw a family tree. See how far back you can go! You can do one like the one below or design your own!


Challenges (2)

Each day we will upload two challenges.

Answers for each challenge will be uploaded the following day.


Answers for Monday 24th March:

Word Scramble: the word was child.

Maths challenge: the missing number was 33.


Tuesdays Challenges: 

Word Scramble: Can you unscramble the word? (blue with pink spots is an 'i')


Maths Challenge:


      24 + ____ = 62 




This week:

  • Class 2A ( Key Stage 1 ) - 98.9
  • Class 5B (KS2) - 99.6
  • School Total - 96.8

Previous week:

  • 2a - 98
  • Class 3A (KS2) - 98
  • School Total - 93.4
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