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These are the skills you'll be practising in art this week:

•identify and draw simple objects, and use marks and lines to produce texture

•organise line, tone, shape and colour to represent figures and forms in movement

•show reflections

•explain why they have chosen specific materials to draw with



Today you will learn about textures.


First, draw yourself  8 boxes, each 5 cm x 5 cm.  

Watch the first video and copy.

How to draw Textures | Part1

Hey guys, This video is about how to draw textures using a pencil. These textures I usually use in my interior & exterior sketches. I hope you LIKE, COMMENT ...

Now, for an extra challenge, learn these other techniques.  Can you use them you add texture to an object that you choose?

Pencil Shading Techniques: Introduction

Learn realistic shading techniques to add texture to your line drawings using different pencil shading techniques! Which techniques did you use to shade the ...