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Behaviour Awards

We have been looking at ways to encourage children to make good choices in school and to feel that they are acknowledged for doing so. In October 2021, we started a system of weekly behaviour awards, where there is a different focus area introduced each week. These areas are focused on good learning behaviours, such as being resilient, supporting others, being ambitious, asking good questions, etc, rather than ‘traditional’ good behaviours such as being quiet or putting your hand up.


This is how it works:

  1. On a Monday morning the learning behaviour for the week is introduced in classes with a short video. Pupils and teachers have a discussion about what these behaviours would look like and the benefits. We will also share these focuses on Facebook for parents to see.
  2. Teachers then focus on that behaviour during the week – mentioning it regularly, using the vocabulary and encouraging the behaviour. Teachers will then select a few pupils who have made a particular effort to demonstrate the behaviour. 
  3. On Fridays, Behaviour Awards will be given to the selected pupils and families will be notified by email. 

  Click here to see the videos!