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Return to School - September 2020


Will Peterhouse be opening in September?


We will be following the Government guidelines in September, which is currently to open for ALL pupils. If these guidelines change, we will let you know.


Will all children have to come back in September?


Yes. It is the Government's plan that all children will return to school in September. If your child has a severe health condition, please speak to your GP or specialist and take advice.


Can I choose to keep my child at home?


No. We expect all children to return to school in September. If you wish to continue home-schooling your child, this will need to be a permanent arrangement and your child will be taken off our roll - we would advise talking to a member of the Senior Leadership Team before making a decision like this.


Will my child be with their new class teacher?


Yes. The new year will start just like normal with all children in their new classes. Each class will have a teacher and an assistant - these staff will stay with the children every day.


Will children be made to keep a 2m social distance?


They will not need to keep a 2m distance from the children in their class, but they will be kept away from children in other classes. All children will be encouraged to keep their distance from each other when they can, and avoid gathering in large groups.


How will play time work?


Each class will go out to play with their classmates in a set area of the playground. The younger and older children will take their breaks at different times so that there is enough space to spread out. Each class will be kept separate and will not be able to mix with other classes.


Will my child be able to wear their face mask?


No. The Government has advised that no PPE is needed for children or adults. Adults will only wear PPE when administering first aid and during intimate care. The Government advice is that primary children should not be wearing any PPE in school. If this changes, we will let you know.


Will the school routine be back to normal?


Almost. There will be no large gatherings, meaning that assembly and lunch will take place in the classroom. There will be a few other minor changes, but the children should feel like school life is returning to normal.


Will my child be able to eat lunch with their friend?


Lunches will be eaten in class. Children will only be able to mix with children in their class. After the children have eaten, they will go outside to their allotted area to play.


What will happen if my child gets upset?


The staff in each class will use their judgement about getting close to children when needed. Although there will not be as much contact as before, we would never leave a child in distress.


I have seen children on the news being 'disinfected' on entry, will this happen at Peterhouse?


No. We will be encouraging good hygiene and regular hand washing throughout the day.


Will I be informed of any cases of COVID 19 in the school?

We will take advice from Public Health England and our Academy Trust for suspected or confirmed cases of COVID 19. We will follow the Track and Trace guidelines, so If there is a CONFIRMED case within your child's class you will be informed. You will then need to isolate your child at home for 14 days. If your child goes on to develop any symptoms, they will need to have a COVID test and seek medical advice. 

Isolation is not optional and children will not be allowed in school if you are told to take them home.


Will the school be clean?


We have already increased our cleaning. This will continue over the coming weeks. All touch points are cleaned regularly through the day and the number of cleaners has been increased.


Will the timing of the school day remain the same?


No. There are some slight changes. All of the details can be found in the Parent Handbook.


Will I be allowed to come into the classroom with my child?


No. At the moment we are not allowing parents into the classrooms. If you wish to speak to the class teacher, please phone the school office. 


Does the same person have to drop off and pick up every day?


No. However, if someone different will be picking up your child, please let the school office know.


Will breakfast club be back to normal?


No. Unfortunately we will not be able to run breakfast club at the moment. However, children will be able to have a light breakfast in class between 8.40 and 9.00am (this will need to be booked in advance - details to follow).

We will review this regularly and restart breakfast club ASAP.


Will there still be 3pm - 6pm provision for Key Workers?


Unfortunately not at this time. We do not currently have the staff to run this provision. However, if there is a spike in cases we will do our best to provide cover for emergency services staff.


My child has not been in school. Will there be plans in place to help them settle back in?


Yes. Every class will be spending a lot of time working on emotions and social interactions. Teachers will be working hard to make sure that every child has the best possible start to the year. The pastoral team will also be on hand to help wherever needed.


Can my child have a COVID test?


Yes. If your child, or anyone in your household displays symptoms of COVID 19, they will now be able to book in for a test using the Government website.


Is it totally safe for my child to return?


I can't promise you that it is totally safe - no one can. However, I can assure you that we have a thorough risk assessment in place which will be reviewed every week. We are following all of the Government guidelines and we have our Academy Trust keeping an eye on everything.


Will you still be providing the Free School Meal vouchers?


No. These will now stop and we will be offering a full lunch menu as we were before lock down.


What will my child's classroom look like?


As close to normal as possible. However, we will try and keep the older children facing the front of the class and spread them out as much as possible. We will also take out any unnecessary furniture from classrooms to make a bit more space.


Will children need to wear school uniform?


Yes. We will expect children to be back in school uniform in September. You will need to make sure that you have visited Harrisons' Schoolwear to get any new items before September - remember that it is often very busy!

We know that it is likely that you will be washing your child's uniform more frequently than before. To make this easier, we are happy for your child to wear plain blue school jumpers and cardigans from supermarkets during the Autumn term.


Will the children have normal lessons?


Yes. However swimming will not be starting again just yet. Music will also be a little different to ensure that the lessons are as safe as possible.


How can I contact the school?


If you would like to speak to someone at the school, including the class teacher, please use one of the following methods:

Phone: 01493 661046

E-mail -

Facebook Messenger


Parents will not be able to stand and chat with the teacher at the start and end of the day at this moment in time.


Where will my child's classroom be?

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  • School Total - 93.4
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