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The National Curriculum and Beyond

The Peterhouse curriculum is based on the National Curriculum (2014). However, it is widely recognised that this document is only the starting point, and that schools must adapt and build their curriculum to ensure that it is suitable. At Peterhouse, we have added to the National Curriculum to ensure that our children are able to lessen the impact of the barriers to learning that they face. 

For example, further objectives have been added in art and design so that children can overcome the social and cultural barriers that they face. Likewise, in History further objectives around diversity and culture have been added because we know that our community is mainly white British, and we want our children to be considerate and well informed members of the wider society.


Information about the 2014 National Curriculum can be downloaded below:

Yearly Planners

Detailed yearly plans can be found on the individual subject pages, however the files below give a brief summary of the topics covered in each year group across the year (not including English and Maths).

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