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Daily act of collective worship

Assembly. All schools are supposed to do this. In practice, many secondary schools don’t or can’t. By law, it is meant to be of a broadly Christian nature. 



Deficits in attention, motor control and perception. Another name for dyspraxia or clumsy child syndrome.



Department of Education in Northern Ireland. Northern Ireland equivalent of the DfE.



The Department for Education is responsible for education and children's services in England



Differentiation is the term used to describe the way in which teaching methods and the curriculum are adapted to meet the individual learning needs of learners. Although the term differentiation is most frequently found in the context of learners with learning difficulties and/or disabilities, differentiation applies to all teaching contexts where learners have different needs and abilities. Read our guide to using differentiation in a mixed ability class



The Diploma is a qualification for 14-19 year-olds that combines academic and vocational learning. The Diploma has been developed with employers, universities, schools and colleges and is made up of sector-related learning, functional skills in maths, English and ICT and work experience.



Dyscalculia affects the abilty to acquire arithmetical skills. Sufferers may have difficulty understanding simple number concepts and often have problems learning number facts and procedures.



A learning difficulty of which the chief manifestation is a particular difficulty with reading and spelling. For more information go to the British Dyslexia Association.



Dyspraxia is generally recognised as an impairment or immaturity of the organisation of movement. Associated with this may be problems of language, perception and thought.