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We see all pupils, potential pupils, their parents and carers, and staff as of equal value:

  • Whether or not they are disabled
  • Whatever their ethnicity, culture, national origin or national status
  • Whatever their gender and gender identity
  • Whatever their religious and non-religious affiliation or faith background
  • Whatever their sexual orientation
  • Whatever their marital status
  • Whether they are currently pregnant or have recently given birth 
  • Whether or not they have a connection with the forces community 
  • Whether or not they have refugee / asylum status
  • Whether or not English is their first language

We recognise that treating people equally does not necessarily involve treating them all the same. We recognise that our policies, procedures and activities must not discriminate but must take account of diversity and the kinds of barriers and disadvantage that staff, parents/carers or pupils may face in relation to their protected characteristics:


  • Disability – we note that reasonable adjustments may need to be made
  • Gender (including transgender) – we recognise that girls and boys, men and women have different needs 
  • Religion and belief – we note that reasonable requests in relation to religious observance and practice may need to be made and complied with 
  • Ethnicity and race – we note that all have different experiences as a result of our ethnic and racial backgrounds 
  • Age – we value the diversity in age of staff, parents and carers 
  • Sexual orientation – we respect that individuals have the right to determine their own sexual identity and that they should not experience disadvantage as a result of their preference 
  • Marital status – we recognise that our staff, parents and carers may make their own personal choices in respect of personal relationships and that they should not experience disadvantage as a result of the relationships they have 
  • Pregnancy and maternity – we believe that our staff, parents and carers should not experience any unfair treatment

School Access



All areas of the school are accessible by wheelchair. The ground floor has non stepped entrances to all doorways. The outdoor classrooms have ramped access to double doors.


First floor classrooms are accessed using the schools lift which is maintained by Stanah and has all required emergency facilities. Both stairwells are equipped with Evac Chairs in order to quickly and safely evacuate disabled pupils.



The Academy was rebuilt in 2010 and as such had to meet all new building regulations for disabled facilities. There are four pupil accessible disabled toilets on the ground floor and two adult only facilities. On the first floor there is one disabled access toilet.


In addition to toilet facilities the Academy also has its own manual handling room, where facilities are available to hoist disabled pupils to allow changing.