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Do you:

  • Currently have a child or children in our Academy
  • Have an open and enquiring mind
  • Shows a willingness to listen and make informed judgements
  • Able to work well with others
  • Interested in education generally and our Academy in particular
  • Have a desire to play a part in improving our Academy
  • Willing to give about 20 hours per term to attend meetings, training courses and visit the Academy to talk staff, pupils and parents
  • Available during Academy hours to get to know the team

Yes, then you are the very person to become a parent governor. Everyone has something to offer and we want people from as many backgrounds and interests as possible.

If we have a vacancy we will let you know and you can apply straight away. However you can always talk to the school and let us know about your interest as we may have a role for you.



In return we can offer:

  • An insight into the wider perspective of the Academy through long-term planning
  • A chance to develop skills in strategic management
  • The opportunity to work with our team of governors and staff in improving our Academy
  • Training to develop an understanding of specific Academy management issues
  • The support and assistance of local and DNEAT staff
  • A sense of achievement in making a difference to our Academy
  • The pleasure of seeing children learning

The governing body of our Academy is responsible for:

  • Ensuring that pupils receive high quality education and that the conduct of the Academy reflects this aim
  • Working with the headteacher on the strategic planning and management of the Academy
  • Considering and agreeing the aims and policies of the Academy and those of DNEAT
  • Discussing and approving the targets for improvement
  • Appointing the staff
  • Setting and monitoring the budget
  • Monitoring the performance of the Academy
  • Reporting to the parents and community on how we have accomplished our tasks
  • Ensuring the policies and direction set by the overall Trust, DNEAT, are actioned and fully implemented.



Governors are the link between the Academy and the Trust and representatives of all those with an interest in the well-being and reputation of the Academy are needed.

We are all volunteers working in our own time, and we are all busy people. However we feel that we gain much in personal development as well as a feeling of satisfaction that we have played an important part in improving education in the local community. There are opportunities to work with others on all aspects of strategic planning and management including financial oversight and personnel issues. Although we deal with the total Academy finances, we employ staff to do the actual work on our behalf, just as we take an interest in the teaching but employ teachers to actually teach the pupils.



We work together as a team. Sometimes the whole governing body is involved and sometimes we work in smaller committees or working groups. This gives us the chance to develop specific interests of our own as well as for the benefit of the whole governing body. Those of us who are not currently employed outside our homes, find that being a governor provides an opportunity to get together with other adults who we may never have met in other circumstances, work as team members in a worthwhile cause and develop skills and expertise that we weren’t certain we had before joining the governing body!



The governing body seeks individuals from as many different backgrounds as possible in order to fully reflect the community the Academy serves. Everyone has something to offer. Specific training (free) is available to develop an understanding of Academy finance and budgeting, strategic planning, and personnel issues and there are staff within DNEAT to support and advise individuals and the governing body in their responsibilities.



As a parent governor you would be a representative of the parents, but you would not be mandated to vote on their behalf. It may be useful to get the general feelings from parents on various issues from time to time, but in seeking to fill the post of parent governor, the governing body are looking for someone who will help them see the Academy from the widest possible viewpoint. Parents are vital to the work of the governing body. As a parent governor you will be a governor in your own right with the same responsibilities as everyone else to work together as part of the governing body for the good of the school.



Governors can make a real difference to the performance of the Academy and have a real part to play in making the Academy successful.


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