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Integrated Assessment Framework. Part of the Scottish Getting it right for every child agenda. These will be applicable to all children and young people and will be used to assess children where multi-agency approach is need in health, education and social work.



Indicated Admission Number – a mathematical calculation based on the net capacity of the school. It is the overall number divided by the number of teaching year groups to give a school an indication when setting the Published Admission Number (see also PAN).



Independent Association of Prep Schools. The professional association for heads and deputy heads of the leading independent prep schools in the UK and worldwide.



Information and Communication Technology - Computer technology.



Individual Education Plan Identifies the special educational needs of a child and outlines targets and strategies to support their learning. Usually completed by teacher in consultation with SEN co-ordinator.



Institute for Learning. Professional body for FE teachers and trainers



The International Certificate of Secondary Education is an internationally recognised qualification for students typically aged 14-16.


ILA or W

Inner London Allowance or Weighting. Because London is an expensive place in which to live teachers are given additional money depending on whether you work in central or outer London. Salary checker



Intended Learning Outcomes. These describe what the students should be able to do or demonstrate, in terms of particular knowledge, skills and attitudes, by the end of a lesson.



Individualised Learner Record. A collection of data about learners and their learning that is requested from learning providers in the Further Education system by the information authority. The details include personal data and the qualifications being studied.



Information Learning Technology



Inclusion recognises the importance of catering for diverse needs. Inclusive principles highlight the importance of meeting children's individual needs.


Independent Learning

Learning that enables pupils to think for themselves and to plan and manage their own learning, ie where a learner acquires knowledge by his or her own efforts and develops the ability for enquiry and critical evaluation.


Independent School

A school that is independent in its finances and governance – ie it is not dependent on national or local government for financing its operations and is instead funded by a combination of tuition charges, gifts and in some cases the investment yield of an endowment.


Induction year

The first year on the job for newly-qualified teachers, this is intended to be a continuation of training. A three term period of assessment usually completed in a single school year, providing NQTs with the tools they need to be successful teachers. NQTs can only begin induction when they have gained qualified teacher status (QTS). Read our guide to the new induction rules



In-service education and training. Training for teachers which takes place during the school year



Educating children with special educational needs together with children without special educational needs in mainstream schools. See inclusion which encompasses broader principles.


International Baccalaureate

The IB originated back in 1924, when civil servants who were working for the League of Nations opened the International school of Geneva. They proposed a curriculum intended to promote critical thinking and exposure to a variety of points of view. Nowadays the IB is a sixth-form course that students can opt to take instead of A-levels. They have to study six subjects, three at standard level and three at advanced level. All students must study English, maths and a foreign language alongside three subjects of their own choosing.



Independent Schools Council. Represents UK’s accredited independent schools.



Individual School Range of pay scales. The range is set by the governing body. Used in relation to pay scales and it’s the head teachers’ pay range.



The Independent Schools Teacher Induction panel is the statutory body for induction for independent schools.



Initial Teacher Training. Most people need to take an ITT course in order to gain qualified teacher status (QTS). For more information visit the Teaching Agency pages on the DfE website.