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Junior Leadership Team

At Peterhouse Primary Academy we have a fantastic Junior Leadership Team. Each year we elect a head boy and girl, a deputy head boy and girl, and a group of prefects. These wonderful children work together to make our school a better place to be.

What do we do?

Each year we create an action plan to help improve our school. In previous years the Junior Leaders have:

  • Improved outdoor play equipment
  • Purchased an outdoor table tennis table
  • Reduced litter around the school
  • Improved the resources available to children in the early years
  • Helped to improve behaviour at lunchtimes
  • Improved the experience of eating in the dining hall


We also all get the chance to be Headteacher for the day! This involves:

  • Dressing to impress (obviously!)
  • Answering and sending emails and phone calls
  • Spending some of the school money on new resources
  • Having our lunch provided for us!
  • Plenty of hot chocolate!
  • Leading a Junior Leadership Team meeting
  • Learning walks
  • Break and lunch time duties


At the end of the year, we get to have a working lunch. This means that we get taken out to a restaurant and we discuss our achievements through the year. 

Our Plan for 2022/23

Joint Targets with Moorlands Primary Academy:


  • To improve the quality of assemblies to include more pupil interaction.
  • To make sure that all subject curriculums are set out in a way that engages children and improves the recall of key facts.
  • To further support the local food banks