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Looked After Children - children who are in care or looked after by foster parents


Lay Inspector

Every school inspection team must have one. Lay inspectors must have no paid experience of teaching or managing a school, but are fully trained to take part in inspections.



Level Description Basis for making judgements about pupils’ performance at the end of key stages 1, 2 and 3.



Learning difficulties and disabilities



Local Education Authority was the part of the local council that was responsible for education. The phrase is now obsolete in official use and has been replaced by the Children Services Authority or commonly known as local authority



Also known as Learning Support Practitioner or teaching assistant. Widely used job title for an assistant providing in-school support for pupils with special educational needs and/or disabilities.


List 99

List 99 - list of teachers whose employment is barred or restricted on either misconduct or medical grounds. The list is held by local authorities, FE corporations and associations representing independent schools.


Local authority

Local government with responsibilty for education (formerly known as local education authority).