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Life Skills (RSHE)

At Peterhouse, we work hard to promote the safeguarding, health (physical and emotional) and happiness of our pupils.


It is now a statutory requirement that we teach Relationships Education and Health Education, with a recommendation from the Department for Education to continue to teach sex education as part of the basic school curriculum (RSHE). We welcome this guidance as an opportunity to further develop our existing practice. You can read the guidance in full here:


We have taken this opportunity to rename RSHE as Life Skills. We believe this sums up exactly what we are trying to teach and explore with the pupils.


We believe in the importance of parents as primary educators of their children and encourage you to discuss your child’s relationships and sex education with them at home. This is an opportunity for you to share your family values in relation to the topics, building important channels of communication about emotions, the human body and relationships with your child both now and in the future.


As part of implementing the Life Skills curriculum, we would like to consult with you on our proposed Life Skills policy and curriculum content.  Please:

  1. Look at the Life Skills curriculum overview on the school website. There is also a separate document giving further detail of the statutory content on the website.
  2. Read our draft Life Skills policy on the school website.
  3. Complete our survey to share your views

If you have any queries, please contact the school by email in the first instance: