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Maths at Peterhouse


At Peterhouse C of E Primary Academy our aim is that all pupils develop a love of maths and reach their full potential in mathematics. We do this through providing a curriculum that builds on prior learning through developing skills and providing opportunities to work at greater depth. From Reception through to Year Six the approach we have is to teach through concrete, pictorial and abstract representations to enable all children to access the maths concepts they are learning.

Our New Curriculum

This year we have been working with an external maths consultant to create a new maths curriculum for the whole school. This new curriculum replaces Singapore Maths, which had been used by the school for the past few years.


As part of our new curriculum we have designed a new Calculations Policy which outlines the approach taken in each year group. It covers all areas of maths and ensures that children are ready for their transition to high school at the end of Year 6. 

As an academy we have created our Maths Morals:


Peterhouse Maths Morals


At Peterhouse we want to develop mathematicians who….


  1. Develop a love of maths
  2. See the purpose of maths and that it is all around us.
  3. Are not afraid to make mistakes.
  4. Children can reason and share thinking and see the connections.
  5. Children will have fluent maths skills.
  6. Children will enjoy the process.


Maths teaching at Peterhouse will have the following foundations


  • Relevancy
  • No child will be left behind
  • Conceptual understanding
  • Procedural fluency
  • Reasoning and making connections
  • Modelling
  • Oracy
  • Develop a true ‘Growth-Mindset’ in pupils and staff.
  • Representations to enable all children to access and understand the maths concepts they are learning.

The DNEAT Maths Curriculum


The Maths Ambassadors at DNEAT have worked together to create a maths curriculum for use across the Trust. The objectives that they have created use the National Curriculum (2014) as a starting point and then go further, ensuring that the basics of more advanced concepts are covered in earlier year groups.

Coverage of the National Curriculum


We have worked with an external maths adviser to draw up long term plans for each year group. Teachers are able to follow these to ensure that all of the objectives in our scheme are covered through the year. We have used materials from the White Rose Maths Hub to help us along the way.

Fast Maths


All year groups (1 - 6) complete Fast Maths activities each day. This has been created and adapted by our maths consultant and builds on previous work in the school led by Edison Learning. The daily fast maths activities help children to build their fluency skills and allow children to experience success each day as they aim to beat their personal scores.