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The Legend Of Podkin One Ear - Chapter 13

Podkin, Paz, Pook, Mish and Mash have all been freed by Crom. They head to Boneroot where the Gorm are. A battle begins.

Read the page below and answer the questions

What do you think will happen this chapter? Do you think the title is a clue?

Identify a simile 

How does the author tell us the rabbits are tired?

How does the author tell you the rabbits have run a long way?


Now listen to  the rest of chapter one before answering the questions below. I have also included a vocabulary list at the bottom of the page if there is any words you don't know.

Chapter 13

This feels like a happy ending to the story. The rabbits have found a new home. So what do

you think will happen next and why?


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