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Safeguarding Mural Winners!

After his incredible success with the Create-osaurus project, our artist-in-residence, Mr Botwright is embarking on another (much bigger!) project. 


Mr Botwright is our Designated Safeguarding Lead here at Peterhouse. A couple of weeks ago, he and the the other members of our safeguarding team announced a competition for our students to design a mural for the walls of the area outside Mr Botwright's office. Pupils were invited to draw pictures that showed what they thought safeguarding was all about. This activity was completed in school.


The submissions were amazing and the safeguarding team had a tricky time deciding who the winners should be. Pupils drew anti-bullying scenes, pictures of trusted adults, friends helping each other and the 'Just Say No' Pantosaurus.


Our photo shows the winners, along with their pictures and the frames the winning submissions will go into in the mural. We will keep you posted on the progress.