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The Peterhouse Top 21 is undergoing a face lift and will be relaunched this year. The teachers have been working hard to come up with a calendar of whole school events that take our children beyond the National Curriculum. There may not be a set number of events (we may even go beyond 21) but during your child's time at Peterhouse we guarantee that they will get access to a wide variety of enriching and inspirational events.


So far this year we have planned the following events:


School CD - This year every child at Peterhouse will become a recording artist! In November our school hall will be turned in to a professional recording studio and we will set to work on making our very first school music CD. There will be performances from the whole school, individual classes, the school choirs and maybe even a special surprise track!


Go Go Hares - This year we will be taking part in the Go Go Hare sculpture trail in Norwich. We will be having our very own school hare to decorate and then parents will be able to go and find him/her in the trail this summer!


Author Visits - This year we have already booked visits from some internationally renowned authors. We have Mini Grey, Abi Elphinstone, Lara Williamson and Caryl Hart all visiting through the year!


Performances - In January we will be welcoming a travelling theatre company to Peterhouse to entertain us with their latest pantomime!



The full calendar of events will follow shortly.

Information about our previous scheme

The Peterhouse Top 21 programme is designed to move our curriculum to outstanding. It gives every child the opportunity to participate in 21 experiences which they will remember for a lifetime. It has evolved from a desire to formalize the enrichment activities the school has provided for the last four years.


Each one of the top 21 is designed to push boundaries of experiences traditionally associated with school. 

Click here to download the Peterhouse top 21 programme

Here are some pictures of our recent 'Peterhouse 21' events.


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