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School Dog


Name: Lily

Breed: Cockapoo

Age: 1 Year in April 2022

Interesting fact: Lily was named after Lily Potter from the Harry Potter series!

Favourite pastime: Pinching socks and having her tummy tickled!



At Peterhouse we are very lucky to have a school dog who is onsite two days a week (Monday and Tuesday). Lily has been with us since the start of the 2021/22 academic year and is slowly building up her interactions with the children. She attends weekly training sessions to ensure that she is calm and responsive to commands.

What does Lily do in school?

Lily loves being in school (she is very grumpy on the mornings that she has to stay at home!). She lives in Mr Freeman's office and is able to visit the other offices through the day. Children regularly come to see Lily, and she helps them in a variety of ways:

  • Encourages children into school in the morning when they are upset or nervous by being on gate duty
  • Cheers up children when they are feeling down by letting them take her for a walk
  • Encourages quiet children to speak by letting them help her with her training
  • Comforts children who feel sad by offering the best cuddles


How does a school dog work?

Please feel free to read our 'Dog in School Policy' below for more information on the guidelines we follow and further explanation of the purpose.


Is it safe to have a school dog?

We carried out a thorough risk assessment (below) before embarking on this project. We have put measures in place to ensure the safety and well-being of the children, adults and of course, Lily.

Photographs of Lily