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Teaching Assistants. The role of a teaching assistant is varied but will include some or all of the following: working with one-to-one or with small groups of pupils; supporting pupils with learning difficulties or disabilities; preparing the classroom for lessons; tidying and keeping the classroom in order; creating displays and helping on school outings or events. Read more in our guide to becoming a teaching assistant                  


Teaching Agency

The Teaching Agency has the responsibility to ensure the supply of high-quality teachers and training and for teacher regulation.


Teaching Schools

Teaching Schools are a national network of schools which will play a leading role in the training and development of teachers from initial teacher training through to headship.



Teaching English as a Foreign Language. The sort of teaching of English that happens in language schools. You can train to teach TEFL without being a trained ‘teacher’. TEFL is not a qualification for teaching in mainstream schools.


Teach First

A charity which places and supports exceptional graduates teaching in challenging schools.


Three Rs

Jargon which means Reading, ‘Riting and ‘Rithmetic. Schools and government ministers prefer literacy and numeracy.



Performance Threshold. Crossing the threshold gives teachers access to the pay scale for post-threshold teachers (this is often called the upper pay scale). Individual applications are judged against a set of national performance standards set down by the DfE.



Teaching and Learning Responsibilities. Classroom teachers who take on extra responsibility could be awarded a Teaching and Learning Responsibility (TLR) payment. To get a TLR2 payment teachers have to show they have a specific responsibility which focuses on teaching and learning and needs professional skills and judgement. This responsibility must be one that exceeds that of the standard classroom teacher and it should be clearly defined in your job description. In order to qualify for a TLR1 payment you must meet all the criteria for TLR2 and be a line manager for a significant number of people. They will be allocated for 'significant additional teaching and learning responsibilities, which are beyond a teacher's own assigned pupils, are crucial to the effective leadership and management of teaching and learning and are a substantial part of the school's staffing structure.'



Teachers’ Pension Scheme. The scheme has been recently reformed by the Coalition Government. Read the details of the teachers' pension reform


Trust Schools

Trust schools are state-funded foundation schools which receive extra support from a charitable trust made up of partners working together for the benefit of the school. Trust schools hold the school's assets on trust for the school. To acquire trust status: Existing foundation schools can set up a charitable trust Community schools can take on foundation status and set up a trust within a single process. Trust schools remain local authority maintained schools.