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Due to the COVID pandemic and school closures, there has been no national data since 2019.



At Peterhouse CofE Primary Academy we are constantly trying to improve the service that we offer and raise the attainment and progress of our children. We recognise that in the past our data has been too low and we are working hard to remedy this. This year we are pleased to see that our data has continued to improve at Key Stage 2.


Our Reception data has also risen this year. We are working hard to ensure that children have the opportunity to achieve the highest grades possible.


Our Key Stage 1 data has risen in many areas but is still below national average. However, this cohort of children have made excellent progress from their starting points. Their outcomes are above the predictions made by the Fischer Family Trust (FFT50).


Our Key Stage 2 data has continued to improve in all areas. We are now far closer to the national average figures. In the space of three years we have gone from 13% RWM to 56%. This shows the level of effort and determination that has been put in from all involved. In some areas, such as reading, we have managed to close the gap even further this year by improving our school outcomes in a year where the national average went down.


See the document below for a full data summary:

2018 - 2019 Data

2017 - 2018 Data

2016 - 2017 Data

2015 - 2016 Data

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