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Welcome to the Topic page. 

Each day we will upload a writing exercise and a craft activity.

Some activities may take longer than one day, but do not worry. Take your time. Enjoy yourselves!

23.03.2020 Writing Challenge - What happened next to the 3 Little Pigs?

23.03.2020 The 3 Little Pigs: Draw and make a Big Bad Wolf trap - This is a project to do together!

24.03.20 Writing challenge: Start a recycling diary at home!

24.03.2020 Topic Activity: Go on a materials hunt! A project to do together.

25.03.2020 Writing Challenge: Write you own version of the 3 little pigs

25.03.2020 Topic Activity: Make a Wolf Proof house!

27.03.2020 FRIDAY FUN!

Fridays are normally a day in school where we have some choosing time in the afternoon as they have been working hard during the week. We have set 1 writing challenge, but also set up a relaxing yoga story fr you and your child to do together, getting you ready to enjoy your weekend!

Writing challenge: What have you been doing this week?

20.4.20 Body parts

21.04.20 Senses

22.04.20 Minibeast hunt

23.04.20 Caring for animals in your environment

24.04.2020 Research an animal

Science week: Grouping animals

This week we are going to be grouping animals!

We will look at the classifications we use to group animals, as well as what they eat.


Lesson 1, 2, and 3: Watch the BBC bitesize videos shown in the link below. There are six videos, each a minute long, and you can keep going back to them for help with your grouping work. The videos are:

What are mammals?

What are amphibians?

What are birds?

What are fish?

What are reptiles?

What are minibeasts?

If you feel that doing all of them is too much, then you can concentrate on just a few of them for your work!


27.04.2020 Science activity 1: Can you think of some animals for your groups?

28.04.2020 Science lesson 2: Which animal, which group?

29.04.2020 Making a booklet

Still image for this video
For your animal fact writing activity, you will need to make a six page booklet from one piece of paper. Watch the video below to see how to do it! You will need one sheet of paper and one pair of scissors, and make sure to get a grownup to help!

29.04.2020: Animal groups fact booklet!

30.04.2020 Science lessons 4: Which animals eat what?

01.05.2020 Science lesson 5: Draw and write all about your favourite animal - Do some google searching to find out all about your favourite animal, what group they are in, what they eat and some fun facts!

04.05.2020 Animal quiz

05.05.2020 What am I?

06.05.2020 Deadly 60

11.05.2020 PLANTS lesson 1: drawing from nature!

12.05.2020: PLANTS 2: Label the parts of the plant- choose which challenge level you want, but don't make it too easy!

13.05.2020 PLANTS LESSON 3: what do plants need?

14.05.2020 PLANTS LESSON 4: Grammar and SPAG questions

18.05.2020 Chants

19.05.2020 Tuned and un-tuned

20.05.2020 Body percussion

21.05.2020 Listen

22.05.2020 Combine sounds


This week:

  • Class 2A ( Key Stage 1 ) - 98.9
  • Class 5B (KS2) - 99.6
  • School Total - 96.8

Previous week:

  • 2a - 98
  • Class 3A (KS2) - 98
  • School Total - 93.4
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