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Vision Statement

St. Peter, after whom Peterhouse is named, was a close friend and follower of Jesus. Originally a fisherman, Peter’s name means “rock” and Jesus told Peter that he would be the rock upon which the church (referring to all people who followed Jesus) would be built. Peter demonstrated trust in Jesus, even stepping out of a boat and onto water. But Peter also made mistakes.  He sometimes misunderstood Jesus and famously said he did not even know him three times after Jesus had been arrested.  Yet, after Jesus’ resurrection, Peter was restored and appointed a leader in the early church.

Inspired by this story, it is our vision that Peterhouse Church of England Primary Academy will:

  • Be a community built on compassion, offering safety and security for the families that we serve, much like St. Peter was the rock for the church.
  • Meet the academic and spiritual needs of all learners through a curriculum that inspires children to be naturally curious about God’s creation, building a sense of belief in themselves and others and God.
  • Be a place where all can flourish, regardless of background or ability because, like St. Peter, everyone should experience forgiveness and have the opportunity of a fresh start.
  • Empower children to take responsibility within their communities and have the courage to be advocates for change.



  • Compassion
  • Courage
  • Forgiveness
  • Belief



By the time a child leaves Peterhouse they will have had the opportunity to:

  • Become a valued member of a community where they are loved and cared for
  • Experience a rich, varied and exciting curriculum
  • Be the best that they can be
  • Make the most of their God given talents
  • Celebrate success and know what it feels like to be celebrated
  • Develop a curiosity for God’s creation


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Our Acts of Collective Worship


The daily act of Christian collective worship plays a central role in the life and work at Peterhouse C.E.Primary Academy.It provides us with valuable opportunities to reaffirm our explicitly Christian values and ethos. It offers important opportunities to strengthen our sense of community, belonging and inclusiveness and to reinforce the respect and care we have for each other. Through collective worship we make a significant contribution to the religious, spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of those present.


Each Wednesday the daily act of worship is led by the vicar, curate or a local Christian organisation.


Each year we hold a Harvest, Christmas and Easter Service in Mary Magdalene Church.  These services are led by the children with input from the local church.  Parents are very welcome to join us for these important events in the school year.


Parents have the right to withdraw their children from Collective Worship.  Please contact the Headteacher to discuss the alternative arrangements that could be made for your child.



Our Church Schools Inspection (SIAMS)


As well as an OFSTED inspection, as a Church of England voluntary controlled school we are also inspected by the Church. Our latest SIAMS inspection took place in November 2016 and the school was graded as 'Good' overall with a judgement of 'Outstanding' in leadership and management. The final report from our latest inspection can be found below: